The device that changed my life

iphone The device that changed my life

Over the years I have worked with many electronic devices – all in the hope that a) they would insulate me from the world around me on my exhausting daily commute into and out of the office, and b) that they would help me stay in contact with my office and the fast moving and ever changing digital environment.

I’m delighted to say, the best device I have found thus far is the Apple iPhone. Now I know this isn’t exactly groundbreaking. For me however, the clincher has got to be how connected I can remain when I am out and about -  apart of course from the obvious benefits of having a phone with you 24/7 I like the fact:

  • I have a location specific map in my pocket – with applications telling me what’s close by
  • It allows me to stay in contact with everything that’s going on – either via the internet or more importantly via my various RSS feeds
  • That I can blog from anywhere using the WordPress application

But here’s the shocker – I wouldn’t be without my Blackberry either. Its so easy to use to send business emails to people,  I couldn’t consider giving it up. Steve Jobs if you do happen to read this, I do love my iPhone but could you please improve it a little. Its the closest thing I have ever had to a truly convergent device. I just need it to be a teeny tiny bit more business friendly. Then I can give up my Blackberry once and for all.

If you are considering an iPhone but you aren’t sure – take it from me – Apple products can change your life.  But remember, it is about how you work with and use the technology – not the technology itelf. Apple understand this…

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