Why are you emailing me!!!?

oibabycc5b15d thumb Why are you emailing me!!!?

One of the most common questions I see raised at conferences revolves around email frequency. People always seem to be asking the question

“How often can I email people on my database”.

Now I know there are some rules of thumb that people follow, such as the rule of 24 (this basically equates to once every two weeks), but I never understand the logic behind this thinking.

What this approach says to me is “let’s not email them too often in case we annoy them”.

This, to me, is totally untenable. I  prefer instead the approach pioneered by Bill Nussey, CEO of Silverpop in his book The Quiet Revolution in Email Marketing called ‘Customer Communication Management’ (CCM). This approach emphasises the highly relational nature of email. It stresses sending email recipients messages that are highly pertinent and relevant to them as individuals.

This makes sense on many levels. After all, when you communicate with someone they do not think of themselves as having fallen into your email marketing segment – they consider themselves an individual and think of the email as a communication to them – not just a message to an entry on your database.

This is how I approach email marketing. I think carefully about who I am trying to communicate with and ensure that the message is tailored to them as the recipient. This entails:

  • Carefully segmenting the database – this can be done on the basis of preferences or past recipient activity etc
  • Looking at who the mailing is going to be sent from – what appears in the ‘from’ field
  • Paying attention to the subject line
  • Running A/B testing and observing the results
  • Running campaigns as a series of communications rather than standalone emails

I have found that this approach ensures that messages are far more likely to be received, opened and interacted with by recipients.

The benefit of this approach of course is that you need not worry about how often you email people. To explain, if you are sending messages tailored to the recipient and their interests, they are highly unlikely to object to receiving it. I would equate this to communicating with your friends. If you have something to say and think they will be interested in hearing it, you tell them.

If you would like to find out more, please contact me as I have written a whitepaper adapting Bill Nussey’s CCM approach to the B2B financial adviser space. Alternatively, if you disagree, please let me know that as well!

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