Tailored 404 Pages

Digital marketers often spend a lot of time and effort driving traffic to their websites, but don’t always pay as much attention to the site itself as they should.

picture 1 300x185 Tailored 404 Pages

The Apple Tailored 404 Page

One easy quick win is setting up tailored ’404′ or a ‘page not found’ template. These can be designed to help site visitors locate the information they are trying to find. Common features that I have utilised in the past include:

  • Links to the most popular site sections or current promotions
  • Incorporating a site search facility
  • Providing a telephone number – this could even be triggered to display during business hours only
  • Live online help or an email address

The bottom line, a tailored 404 page can not only help you retain traffic, but also clearly demonstrate your customer centric service ethos.

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