Contrarian thinking – but the client comes first

I try, as far as possible, to stay up to date from both a digital marketing perspective, but also with what’s going on in the financial markets.

My thinking goes something like this:

By being knowledgable about a companies products and services, their strategy and goals, I can use digital media to support their activities.

A perfect example recently related to the OPEC oil production rate cut late last year. I proactively went to a client who I knew had a strong capability in the energy fund area and asked them to put out an email and press release outlining their reaction to the cut.

Our focus was on getting the manager’s reaction to the cut out soon after it was announced. I was hoping their comments would be picked up by mainstream media. Of course we also wanted to send this to prospects and investors interested in the energy space.

My goal therefore is not to be the best digital marketer out there, (difficult given the incredibly strong market competition), but to be able to bring the innate strengths of digital media to bear on their total offering. I will as a result go to extreme lengths to understand their products and the industry they operate in. This helps on many levels. People are far more prepared to be open and engaging if you talk their language.

My advice therefore to anyone coming in to pitch to me – please do your homework first. You will achieve far more success in the long run!

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