How can you drive traffic to your blog?

I have been amazed at how quickly my blog has taken off – so if you are reading this, thank you for your interest – it is more an experiment than anything else. I know that I can, on occasion, look at things in a slightly quirky way. If I work on them however, these ideas can usually pay off. To illustrate my point, check out the previous post I wrote regarding my  “mile high canaries“.

Anyway, the purpose of this post today was to try and understand how I have been able to gain so many readers in such a short period of time. Here in brief is what (I think) I did:

  • Place a link to my blog from my Linkedin profile
  • Let people know I was writing for  my new Blog through the Linkedin “Status” option
  • Use WordPress – it is highly configurable and very SEO friendly
  • Ensure I have the appropriate WordPress SEO widgets installed – All in One SEO, SEO Friendly images etc
  • Tag all posts appropriately
  • Allow articles to be posted or rated on social networking tools
  • Occassionally write about something topical. The stories on Phorm have driven a lot of traffic
  • Importantly and lastly, I took a look at Seth Godin’s post on “How to get traffic for your blog”

I can’t say I agree with everything Seth has to say, but there are some good ideas in there nonetheless.

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