Reaching an audience online

I am currently working on a number of projects where we are attempting to to profile visitors to a client website and retarget an audience with similar characteristics elsewhere.

This is proving possible by working with a network that sells inventory for a large numbers of websites – but on a blind basis. Of course this means that you don’t know exactly where your advertising will show, but you can specify that you do not want it to appear on certain sites that meet specific criteria – gambling, porn, bad news etc.

I am particularly interested in this area as it allows for some interesting retargeting opportunities:

  • If someone interacts with an ad and visits your site but does not complete the application or registration process they can be retargeted on the network. The retargeted advert will offer them an incentive to complete the purchase or registration process. As you are targeting people who are already predisposed to dealing with you, the addition of an incentive means that conversion rates are higher.
  • Advertising can be retargeted on the back of integration with search engine marketing. Similar to the example above, if someone does a search on for instance Google, visits your site but then does not complete the purchase / registration, they can be retargeted on the network.

The real beauty is that buying inventory on such networks is extremely cost effective – particularly if you are attempting to reach mass market B2C audiences and would like the added advantage of presenting your brand to a wider audience.

I understand that certain marketers, particularly in the financial space are very nervous about advertising on blind networks. I think however, in an environment such as this, where every penny needs to count, all options should be considered – particularly where brand protection elements now come as standard.

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