Online advertising benefits from time of day targeting

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I was more than a little surprised to see the results of an IAB / Lightspeed study that indicated that many digital advertisers do not build in any kind of time of day segmentation around their campaigns. This seems nothing more than common sense if you are trying to reach audiences who will tend to be online at specific times of day.

Another variation of time of day targeting is running different kinds of advertising depending on whether or not someone is in the ‘prospecting / research’ or ‘transactional’ phase during different times of day. A typical example might relate to running certain types of car or vacation advertising during lunchtimes when people are doing their research, and another set during the evening when they are more likely to have more time to make the purchase.

The Guardian website includes examples for a couple of brands such as:

  • Kit Kat advertising could be delivered at 11am to target users who are┬áthinking of snacking
  • First Direct (a UK online bank) could run ads in the evening to target couples at a time when they can make a financial decision together

Of course it is also possible to synchronise your PPC / Search campaigns to be upweighted or to run at the same time. This will cater for those web users who may see your creative but use Google to find your site rather than clicking on a display ad.

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