Do you update your home page for each new campaign?

Dave Chaffey in his latest post alludes to an important issue when launching a new online campaign. Ensuring that your site home page is updated to include relevant links to new campaign landing pages. This is an area that is easy to overlook, but an oversight that can cost you dear.

To explain, many consumers may see your display advertising and choose to visit your site at a later time, or use Google to find your site down the road. If they do click on the natural search results in Google, (i.e. those search results that aren’t paid for), or choose to visit your site direct by typing in the url, they will invariably end up on your sites home page – rather than your new campaign landing page. It is important therefore that you show visitors such as these where to go to reach the material they are interested in. To let them ‘bounce’ as soon as they hit this page may cost you your sale.

Directing visitors to the correct page from your landing page is relatively simple. If at all possible use the same graphic or ad that you used in your display campaign so site visitors will recognise the campaign creative and have an idea where to go.

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