A quick blogging tip – check your copy… Twice!

I’m currently on my way into London on my daily commute. I’ve just finished my daily review of my recent posts to see, in the harsh light of day, if I’m happy with what I wrote the night before. More importantly I also want to check my grammar and copy for obvious spelling errors.

I’m keen on revisiting my work in this way on the basis that, should I have anything interesting to say, I would hate for the integrity of the post to be ruined by simple typing errors.

Having said that, I have spotted a number of mistakes in my posts and gone back to change them whenever possible. This has partly been helped by the WordPress app I downloaded for my iPhone – so I can make these amends on the fly whenever I have a few minutes spare.

I know this all sounds easier said than done. Finding time to stay up to date, do your day job and post is a tall order anyway. That said, it’s an area I recommend you try and find 10 minutes a day for – it is in your and your blog’s long term interest.

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