Driving traffic to your site or blog – pt2

twitter hashclouds 300x225 Driving traffic to your site or blog   pt2In an earlier post I wrote about some of the ways you could drive traffic to your site. A new addition I have to add to the list is by using Twitter. In the case of this blog I installed the Twitme WordPress plugin that automatically posts your latest blog title online with a link back to the article. This has proved to be an interesting source of traffic from an unexpected source.

To explain one of the issues I have with Twitter is the amount of ‘noise’ it generates. Quite simply, from my perspective there are simply too many messages to process. This made me think, how are people managing the volume of communications Twitter generates. After a little research I found the following sites:

These sites allow you to filter all recent Twitter messages by keyword or phrase – one example I keep track of is ‘viral marketing’. I  found this approach incredibly useful in highlighting the topics I am interested in while filtering out other communications.

Taking this one step further, these tools can also be used to assist you monitor your brand or product range, or put you in contact with other Twitter users with an interest in the topic you are filtering on – after all the results, along with details of the author, only show if they use the keyword or phrase you are searching for.

Its important therefore, if you are using an integrated Twitter blog posting tool, that you use key phrases in your post title. Otherwise these filtering solutions will pass your articles by.

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