How can you advertise on an iPhone?

apple iphone 01 289x300 How can you advertise on an iPhone?O2 recently announced that more than 1 million iPhones have been sold in the UK since their introduction during the fall of 2007. While many marketers are probably excited by the possibility of reaching out to such early adopters via the iPhones apps store, other research indicates that many users do not revisit many of the apps they initially download after their first few days use.

It might therefore be more cost effective to seek to run advertising campaigns through existing applications via a mobile handset advertiser such as AdMob rather than going to the cost and expense of developing your own apps, that may not have much engagement value or legs in their own right.

Why should I consider advertising on the iPhone?

The AdMob Mobile Metrics Report for January 2009 shows that iPhone users are more likely to engage with mobile advertising online, being responsible for 21% of all ad requests in Western Europe. This strong share reflects dramatically higher mobile Web and application usage by consumers on this device.

What kind of advertising is possible?

The following video clip runs through the range of formats and placements that are currently available. It is worthwhile watching as their are extensive advertising options:

Advert Examples

Integration with maps:

Video Ad:

Other examples can be found here.

Obviously, if you are able to produce an iPhone app that meets a distinct market niche requirement, it may be cost effecitve to do so. Just ensure you consider all of your options first.

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