Using Google Analytics to see where your key conversions are generated

Late last year a new version of Google Analytics was released with some enterprise features. These allowed for segmentation analysis and advanced conversion tracking. By implementing these features Google raised the bar substantially on their analytics offering, turning it into a a highly flexible and enormously insightful piece of kit.

Of course, often the biggest issue with many of these tools is how to utilise them to ‘best’ effect. Having played around with Google Analytics for quite some time and advised clients’ on how best to leverage their implementations, I have put together the following scenario which you might find of interest.

Assessing where your most important conversions come from

While it is always useful to keep an eye on your top line metrics, number of site visitors etc, considerably more insight can be derived from paying attention to your most important traffic. Typical examples might include looking at visitors who:

  • Go to certain sections of your site, such as a fund promotion page
  • Download a document such as a mutual fund fact sheet
  • Register for your newsletter
  • Complete an online purchase

By specifically looking at the source of these visitors you may gain insight around which of your promotional activities are most effective. This will then allow you to assess where your advertising budget should be spent. To do this you do need to ensure that your site is configured correctly to begin with.

Step 1: Identify your conversion goals

Take a long and hard look at your site and assess what activities you truly want to be able to track.

Step 2: Specify these goals in Google Analytics

The following video runs through how to set up conversion goals and how to impelement the necessary code on your site to record the relevant data.

Step 3: Configure your Google Analytics reports to derive insight

Create a custom report in Google Analytics. I have included an example screenshot below of the kind of dimensions and metrics that you might possibly be interested in. If you are learning how to use custom reports I’ve also included a video on how to build reports from scratch.

screenshot1 287x300 Using Google Analytics to see where your key conversions are generated

Google Analytics Customer Reporting

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