Top Ten Twitter Tools

I’ve been using Twitter for a few weeks now and found it can be an excellent source of information and a great place to network with interesting people. I have found however that the constant stream of messages can be difficult to work with effectively. A number of applications have been developed to not only help with this, but also help you make best use of this increasingly important social media. I’ve therefore picked out a selection of those I find most useful:

  1. Filttr. Excellent for keeing tabs on those Tweets you are interested in.
  2. Mr. Tweet. Mr. Tweet is a networking assistant. Follow Mr. Tweet on Twitter and it will suggest people you should also be following with similar interests.
  3. OutTwit. Let’s you Twitter from Microsoft Outlook.
  4. ToAnswer. This mashup helps you use Twitter to get your questions answered quickly.
  5. Tweetag. Browse or search the most popular topics discussed on Twitter within the last 24 hours. Twitturly is a simlar tool,  tracking the most popular URLs on Twitter.
  6. TweetBeep. Great for social media monitoring. It sends you an email alerting you to Twitter conversations that mention you, your company, your Web site, or any terms you specify.
  7. TweetLater.  Lets you compose and schedule your tweets in advance. Also allows for message automation and keyword tracking.
  8. Twellow. Twitter Yellow Pages. Excellent source for finding people you may want to follow.
  9. TwitPic. Lets you share photos on Twitter from your mobile phone.
  10. Twitter Grader. This tool can measure your ‘reach’ and ‘authority’ It grades you based on the number of your followers and their power within Twitter, the pace of your updates, the completeness of the your profile. You can also find out how you compare to other Twitterers.

These are merely a selection of some of the tools I have come across that I have found extremely useful – I’m sure there are many others out there. If you think I’m missing something obvious, please let me know.

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