Do you plan your campaigns holistically?

Over the last week or so I have been discussing the campaign planning process with a former colleague who now works for a media agency in California. Our discussions have revolved around campaign best practise and how you should carefully coordinate all activity to work together and leverage off one another. This will ensure maximum ROI and importantly, ensure that clients looking to contact you are able to reach you as easily as possible. Examples we have discussed include:

  • Coordinating up-weighting any PPC (paid Search) activity in those geographic areas your TV advertising is showing . Maximum value can be derived here by also focusing on those times of day your ads are running.
  • Ensuring that your call centre team are aware when the TV ads are running and if they mention any special offers, that you have sufficient staff to deal with increased call volume. You should also brief staff on the relevant ad variants so you can capture MI on which ads drive most resp0nse – useful for future campaign planning.
  • If you are running an outdoor (poster or billboard) campaign, its important that you match this activity with a search spend. People may only recognise your brand or product message so your search activity needs to capture all keyword eventualities. Again, depending on where your posters are located, you may be able to geographically up-weight your search spend with the highest weighting around the geographic area your posters appear.
  • You can also coordinate other activities such as running an email campaign on the day your campaign breaks. This can be particularly effective when highlighting to a B2B audience such as financial advisers, any retail support activity you may be undertaking.

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