How producing your own blog can produce handsome yet unexpected dividends

I try as far as possible to write for a broad church. As long as my posts are connected with digital marketing and how it may relate to financial services, I am comfortable that I’m not just simply chasing traffic for traffics sake.

From a content perspective I aim to stay up to date with the digital scene and post about those developments I think people might be interested in. If I do look back I try to so so with a degree of insight and value add. There is after all little point in purely regurgitating old news.

Some of my colleagues and friends have commented on how many posts I produce. As I have explained in the past, these are merely the tip of the iceberg. I could potentially write far more than I do but I prefer to restrict myself to writing well (at least as far as I can). This ensures I don’t just start writing drivel or burn out!

After one month this strategy appears to have paid handsome yet unintended dividends. My blog is now ranked within the top three percent of all sites globally over three months. This is a number I expect to grow, simply because the site has only been live for a little over one month.

I’ve also received a marked and distinct upturn In calls from headhunters (and not of the Borneo type). In fact my wife has asked for a retainer as she has been acting as my unofficial personal assistant over the last few weeks. I think I took care of that problem with another quick trip to Tiffany’s – but who knows.

In fact, I was wondering how people have been obtaining my contact details – until I noticed that the more tech savvy amongst you were querying the registrant details for my domain. (I’m impressed).

I’ve also been invited to speak in the US and Asia, (sorry guys other commitments currently preclude me from taking these offers up) and even received emails from journalists for comment on various topics.

I only mention this to highlight to those of you considering launching a blog that it can provide considerable satisfaction and motivation – key in such a dire economic environment.

I’ve previously posted on how to start a blog from ‘Conception to Delivery‘ that you may find helpful. One key site that I would add to this list is This site audits your site and provides feedback on how it could be improved and even how accessible it is (from a language perspective).

If you have the time, passion for a particular subject and the inclination to share your views with the world, consider launching your own blog – you may get unexpected results.

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