The power of viral marketing

I came across the following story on Brand Republic that absolutely demonstrated:

  1. The power of viral marketing
  2. How the internet can be used to reach out to distinct market niches
  3. How user generated content can kick the butt of the largest ad spends if done ‘well’

In a nutshell the Viral factory gave a brief to their internal IT guy to produce a short 4 minute film on the ‘power’ of the new Samsung solid state drive (SSD). The resulting video called SSD Awesomness, posted only last weekend has been well received by geeks worldwide generating over 1 million views. These are the kind of results and ROI most marketers can only dream about.

Viral marketing if done well can be extremely effective spreading the word about your product or service – particularly to hard to reach market niches. There are of course inherent risks involved, something I touched upon in a previous post ‘Top Ten Viral Mistakes to Avoid‘ but when you consider the cost of the Samsung ‘campaign’, likely a few hours of Agency’s IT guy’s time I think the results were well worth it.

Viral Marketing Resources

I have scoured the internet for free viral marketing resources and put together the following list of the best that I came across at the time of writing:

  • Viral marketing presentation - provides an overview on the key issues as well as campaign planning tips and examples.

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