SEM spend to top $26Bn by 2013

Interesting to see today that the Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organisation (SEMPO) are predicting that Search spend will top $26Bn by 2013. Despite a downward revision in their estimate from 2007, due to the current environment,  SEMPO predict that this growth will be the result of a reallocation of budget from other media such as print. Search growth is also due to advances in technology such as Search retargeting – or  the process of delivering targeted banner advertising to a visitor after they leave your site.

Imagine the following scenario. Say a visitor comes to your site and browses for a credit card but leaves without completing an online application. If you use search retargeting to track them onto the credit card landing page, the ads served to him after leaving your site would feature your credit card with perhaps an introductory interest rate. Retargeting can increase site conversions by closely matching a user’s expressed needs with the creative served in a banner.

north america sem expenditures SEM spend to top $26Bn by 2013

SEM Expenditures in North America

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