Who said TV advertising was dead

Brand Republic is reporting that a new technology dubbed ‘MyTV’ by Generator, a company behind a new report highlighting that the terminal decline in TV advertising could be arrested, through the development of targeted TV advertising. This new opt-in service incorporates many of the capabilities already available as a matter of course to digital advertisers.

The report states “Rather than facing a future characterised by increasingly aggressive competition and falling ad revenues from their core, legacy business, the broadcasters could use MyTV as the basis to unlock new sources of advertising revenue that would together have the potential to return the industry to a period of growth.”

Despite the service being touted as opt-in, given the current crop of privacy issues doing the rounds around the likes of Phorm, the much maligned behavioural targeting service, one wonders to what extent if any such a service could take off. However, as one of my former colleagues pointed out recently, if this ultimately means I no longer have to sit through adverts for intimate feminine hygiene products, I’m all for it.

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