How to respond to unwanted blog attention

As any blogger knows it eventually happens. You will write a post that someone will not only disagree with, but disagree with strongly.

That however is the beauty of blogging. Some of the most interesting discussions I have had have been the direct result of articles I have posted online.

Where I draw the line however is engaging in slanging matches or arguments that get personal – there’s just no need for it. I’ve recently been sent an email that even with my best pair of rose tinted glasses on (similar I’m sure to those worn by Elton John in the 70′s) I find hard to regard as constructive criticism.

Nonethess I responded taking on board those (very) few comments that had merit. As for everything else all I can say is that I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion.

My general advice under such circumstances is to sleep on any response you might be tempted to immediately respond with. These are often not the most constructive.

While I am also a firm believer in open and well thought out dialogue I don’t find trying to placate passionate people very productive. I would hope that all of my posts have been written with a lot of care and attention and that they reflect my thinking around a topic at that point in time. Of course these views can and do change over time.

Of course if I have mistated or misquoted something I will take it on the chin and amend or change if necessary.

One last point, don’t be worried about trying to have the last word – particularly if these comments are posted openly. Google is an extremely powerful search tool and those conversations you consider ‘private’ are not – you certainly don’t want a ‘conversation’ with an individual to be picked up on by a prospective employer.

In summary if you do receive attention like this consider it for what it is – evidence that people are reading and engaging with your blog. That’s good isn’t it?

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