Key takeaways from a supplier showcase

I spoke at a supplier showcase today organised by a large UK based life company. Some of the other speakers present were from Carat, Google, Premiere Global, Redeye, Brighttalk and E-Consultancy. The new Head of Online Strategy was trying to address some of those issues common to many larger organisations:

  • That politics and a silo mentality often get in the way of collaboration and the exchange of knowledge
  • That many business units often have their own agendas (usually quite rightly)

But against this background it was obvious that the company was taking digital seriously. To allow 50 or so marketing staff to give up an entire day attending various supplier presentations was impressive -  particularly against such a harsh economic environment.

A key takeaway for me was the fact that no only should the various internal business units collaborate more, so too should the supplier agencies. It is in our best interest for our clients digital activity to be as successful as possible. If this activity leads to better consumer and financial adviser response, I am sure the client would be prepared to commit more spend to online. After all, who wouldn’t invest in a channel with good ROI?

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