How you can tap into your B2B information mavens and influencers via email

How you can tap into your B2B information mavens and influencers via email

Earlier this week I spoke at a suppliers showcase for a large UK based life company. I talked about B2B marketing and touched on something I had written about in an earlier blog post, an extremely influential segment of individuals in my email database, a segment that many marketers will also have but are likely unaware of. This is a segment I call my ‘Canaries’. A term that proved popular with senior management at my old company because it succinctly articulated the characteristics of this group – the fact that once they had been identified, would distribute information on the company’s behalf because they were important information mavens or social influencers within their sphere – they would ‘sing’ about our products or services.

Typically in the B2B world that I tended to operate these were team leaders or ‘people in the know’ who acted as information gatherers and information distributors.

I was able to identify these people by their tendency to open and interact with email communications by looking at the total ‘opens’ and ‘clicks’ recorded against their email profile. My general rule of thumb was that anyone with more than 5 opens or clicks in a relatively short period of time had forwarded the email on to another person within their team or sphere of influence.

Although its not possible to tell who the email has been forwarded on to, (and not something you should not be looking to record from a privacy perspective anyway), it is possible to gauge the level of interest around the topic in question within that organisation. I then used to pass this information to the sales team for action.

This is an approach that is growing in popularity (it was featured in a Clickz article), and one that I know can prove extremely important in generating management information for sales team follow up.

If you haven’t already investigated this approach I suggest you do so. Through careful management these key individuals can enable your communications to go viral within the B2B marketplace – an extremely cost effective way of getting your message out.

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