Cynics watch out – Google is truly altruistic!

I had a very interesting lunch today with Tom Simpson one of my colleagues and Head of Search at Ptarmigan Media and Victor Munyua from Google UK. Apart from the fact that Vic is a nice guy and an interesting character, he is also able to offer us a little insight into Google and its future direction, goals and aspirations here in the UK. Tom and I always enjoy our lunches with Vic because we end up talking about a wide range of digital topics and where we think digital is heading. The conclusion I reached today that I know people are going to be somewhat cynical about is just how truly altruistic Google really are – but with good reason.

Victor was explaining that by investing in free tools such as Google Analytics and Google Web Optimiser, Google are providing digital marketers with a way of making their online campaigns work as hard and as well as they possibly can through insight and optimisation. Of course if campaigns are a success, if digital is effective as a medium and if user needs and requirements are also fulfilled everyone is a winner. In such a scenario, Google figure that advertisers will invest more marketing dollars in onlineĀ  – some of which will find their way onto Google’s P&L.

It is reassuring that a listed company is prepared to take such a long term approach where everyone benefits…

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