Tips on building a corporate blog

Friends, colleagues and even clients’ have been asking me how they can put together a blog of their own. I’ve already addressed this in a previous post that I’m amazed to say has now been read well over 1,000 times. Nonetheless there are always plenty of tips and tricks that you need to factor in to your plans and the following post from iMedia particularly focusesĀ  on 10 ways to boost a corporate blog.

This article contains some particularly sage advice from Seth Godin which although I try and follow, I suspect often escapes me -

“Be pithy.” (write) Words of wisdom. People don’t read the web, they scan. They are looking for themes, credibility, or an idea. Think about your content in terms of search. When people have a problem, they enter their keywords into that little box looking for help. Are you the one to help them? First you have to show up. Are they looking for journalism? Most likely they are looking for a quick source for an answer. By writing simply, enthusiastically, or talking about specific problems and solutions, you stand a much better chance of not only winning the search, but also winning the conversion.”

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