To the new media scoffs, read this article…

I’m often confronted with odd situations – highly intelligent individuals who always look at the world from their own perspective and seemingly refuse to appreciate that there are alternatives to what they think, what they do, the media they read, how they stay up to date (I think you get the idea).

I try as far as possible to look at every marketing brief from the perspective of my target audience. While I have often heard, “well everyone could buy one”, “own one”, “aspire to possess one”, the reality is a lot of people may not actually be that interested. It is far more effective to go after those consumers:

  • Who can be effectively reached, engaged and influenced
  • Already have a potential propensity to either require or aspire to the product or service you are offering.

I know this sounds blindingly obvious and if you are reading this, its likely you aren’t actually one of the people I’m referring to. As a consumer of blogs its likely that you are an active user of new media, one of the emerging and arguably most effective ways of reaching out to distinct market niches.

The following open letter from Eric Bader of Clickz tackles some of the preconceptions and odd ideas certain marketers have about new media. Ultimately, its important to remember that there are still marketers out there who need educating about the potential of new media. If you know one of them, send them this link!

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