Is it time for your company to employ a Chief Social Media Officer?

Is it time for your company to employ a Chief Social Media Officer?

ZDNet in a recent article reflected on a question posed by Peter Kim during his Web 2.0 Expo panel in San Francisco a couple weeks ago: “Is it time for a Chief Social Media Officer?” The conclusion they reached is that it is a little premature for companies to even consider establishing such a role. This is a conclusion I would agree with for the majority of companies and particularly those that fall within the financial services vertical.

The reality is that many companies and financial services companies in particular, (at least judging from my own experience), are still attempting to get to grips with new media, let alone specific areas within the ‘new media’ umbrella such as social networking. Indeed I often have discussions with what I would term my more ‘traditional’ media colleagues, individuals who tend to plan and buy print, TV and outdoor media, about the necessity of all media planning and buying staff to have an an understanding of the entire array of media at their disposal.

In theory I agree with this. It is key for media planners and buyers to understand how distinct audiences can be reached. But in a world with ever fragmenting media channels particularly in the area of new media, it is too large a topic for any one individual to get to grips with for them to be able to plan and execute campaigns on their own. Rather I think it far more likely that a role for digital strategists will emerge and they will act as coordinators between the client and teams who execute elements of the campaign in their specific areas of digital expertise. These teams will be composed of individuals with expertise in areas such as Search, social media, display etc.

Digital strategists will also act as mixers and matchers between these various areas ensuing that client objectives to reach out to and engage distinct audiences are achieved.

Of course the implication for larger companies is that rather than try and tackle the complex media landscape yourself, find a good media planning and buying agency to do it for you. If you choose carefully, they should make your campaigns and media budgets go a lot further than you could ever hope.

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