The Susan Boyle Phenomenon

The Susan Boyle Phenomenon

I have commented in the past about the power of the Internet and viral marketing. A lot of the overwhelming response to Susan Boyle, star of Britain’s Got Talent, has been the result of the video clip of her performance being posted on YouTube. Immediately, once online, the audience for the clip was global. This video has received at the time of writing well over 30,000,000 plays in its first week alone.

By being online and accessible to a global audience Susan Boyle has been asked to appear on Oprah, been on the CBS Early Morning show and received countless other mentions and requests for interviews from other media. Indeed, there has been speculation that she will be able to easily take the normally hard to crack US market by storm.

Apart from YouTube, within a few short days of appearing, a Wikipedia article also appeared which has subsequently been sourced by many new organisations on Susan’s background and talent.

Marketers should pay attention. To my mind, Susan Boyle embodies the power of the Internet. If harnessed correctly, either by luck or through design, it can be used to reach out to vast audiences in next to no time.

Click here to view the video of Susan Boyle singing.

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