New research on how digital advertisers, agencies and creatives can work together

New research on how digital advertisers, agencies and creatives can work together

I came across this piece of research on Clickz from Bellwether Leadership Research and Development that looks at how Advertiser, Agency, and Digital Media Companies can work more easily and successfully together. The results of the research point to the need for a concentration on four core themes for all parties to work more successfully together:

  • Education – advertisers recognise the need for having people from their Agencies and Digital Media Companies educate them to become more digitlly fluent and savvy.
  • Collaboration – the research indicates people are remarkably open to working more collaboratively with each other. The more easily and successfully people collaborate with one another, the easier it is for agencies to help their clients take full advantage of the range of available media options to reach their prospective customers with relevant messages in productive ways.
  • Measurement – there is a widespread desire by both Advertisers and Agencies for the use of hard metrics to measure the success of digital marketing efforts.
  • Creativity – Relevant, strategically focused creativity is the most powerful thing an Agency or Digital Media Company can offer its client. One of the biggest professional challenges confronting Agencies and Advertisers is the need to embrace a broader view of creativity and the growing role in the creative development process of ‘creative’ people from differing backgrounds, i.e., digital media companies, social media – people who bring new perspectives to the creative mix who during the past 10 years have become an important part of the advertising development process.

One of the many suggestions in the document that I wholeheartedly support is that Agencies should attempt to bridge the media gap. I know from experience that it is easy for people to push the media that they are most familiar with first. If you have tended to work in ‘traditional’ media your likely first choice will be to consider print, TV, radio or outdoor for campaigns. Conversely, if you are a digital media specialist it is often easy to think of display, Search or network buys as the top priority for any campaign. I however prefer to eliminate any potential bias I may have towards a particular medium by instead looking at the audience you are attempting to reach and the tools / creative available to you. By understanding the medium consumption habits of your target audience you can quickly and highly effectively prioritise the various media available to you to get the job done.

This is an area many advertisers fail to take note. In this increasingly fragmented media world, with people obtaining news from myriad sites, watching TV and radio increasingly online, advertisers have to recognise that as media planners we have increasingly diverse ways of reaching audiences wherever they may be. Yes, a particular site, newspaper or TV channel may have exactly the correct audience I am trying to reach for a client, but if it is going to cost them a proverbial arm and a leg to do so I will also consider other alternatives. So advertisers please note – when you next call me don’t be surprised if I don’t book with you if your rates are too high. I do have a choice when it comes to reaching audiences even if you think you offer the perfect campaign fit….

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