How to get your YouTube videos discovered…

How to get your YouTube videos discovered…

YouTube recently published some guidance on how to publish videos on theit site to ensure it is as visible as possible from an SEO perspective. Here is a high level summary of what they said:

“YouTube video search uses a variety of signals to determine the placement of a video in our rankings, including the video file name, title, and any associated metadata.  The more information provided about a video, the better it can be searched.  In general, we strive to give the best possible objective video result. That said, here are some best practices that you can use to help your videos rise:

  • Add a descriptive title to your video

When users search for a video on YouTube, they will find your content easier if you include an accurate and descriptive title for your video.  An engaging title can also help your video stand apart from the rest of the crowd.

  • Make your descriptive content clear and specific (clearly a good idea for all content published online)

Try to determine what content your video contains that will help users find it and distinguish it from other videos. Providing content that is descriptive, accurate, and unique is an important factor.  Using complete sentences in your description is also a good idea.  For more information, you can reference What should I put in my video description?

  • Provide accurate tags

Including tags that users may use when they search or browse videos also helps.  However, avoid using techniques such as keyword stuffing which will ultimately hurt your videos rankings.

  • Embedded Videos

Embedding videos on websites may make your videos more discoverable and easier to find on the web.

Posting content on YouTube can be incredibly important from a visibility perspective. One of the reasons Susan Boyle rose to such fame inside of 1 week was purely because YouTube users were able to find the video online so easily. YouTube can provide important campaign reach free of charge – why would you want to ignore it?

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