What exactly is video content good for?

What exactly is video content good for?

I came across this article on Clickz this morning that posed the question what exactly is online video good for – as content, or for marketing. The conclusion reached by the article is firmly in the latter camp, particularly where it is being used by studios to drive people towards watching TV shows or movies.

I consider this argument incredibly simplistic and not really worthy of the journalist in question. Online video can be incredibly effective at helping you get your point across. From a financial services perspective I used it in a ‘previous role’ as Head of Internet for Investec Asset Management to interview fund managers online. I didn’t however opt for the typical fund manager interview, asking the manager how they manage their fund or what their market outlook was, rather I got one of the Investec Sales Team to ask the manager to talk them through the fund in question. My idea was that I wanted to provide financial advisers with an example of how to answer all the questions a typical investor may pose when considering the fund. I felt that by answering all these questions I was able to remove the majority of barriers advisers may have about recommending the product. After all if something becomes a lot easier to sell, you understand the product in question intimately, when you have a choice, which product are you most likely to recommend?

Typical questions I covered were things like:

Question: Why should I buy this fund?

Answer: There are obvious answers how over the long term equities tend to outperform etc but in this example I wanted to bring the product to life and touch on things like how the fund could be used to save for an investors retirement, for school fee planning, for a mortgage, as a replacement for with-profts etc. These are situations that investors typically find themselves in and can identify with.

Question: What does this fund invest in?

Simple overview of what the fund invests in in language investors will understand.

How successful has the fund been?

Crucially I wanted to tap into the power of video as a push medium to get across points that had been made elsewhere, typically in literature, in another way. Not all people absorb information in the same way and video can better suit some people over printed material.

The video was incredibly successful and achieved many thousands of plays – a metric we were very happy with given the limited number of advisers in the UK.

My point is that video, like other content can be used for almost any purpose and as Apple have shown, its all about how well you execute what you are doing that is crucial. This will drive how valuable your output is and what it can be used for – as a tool for marketing but also as good content.

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