The benefits of occasionally redesigning your blog

The benefits of occasionally redesigning your blog

Regular readers will have spotted that over the last week or so I have been updating my blog design. I’ve really undertaken this refresh for two reasons:

  • To combat one of the main problems you encounter with traditional blogs. That older articles tend not to see the light of day once they disappear from the home page.
  • That as a freelancer I really need to ensure that my blog looks as professional as it possibly can. I previously just considered relying on substance over style (whereas many sites I encounter rely on style over substance). On reflection I thought it makes sense to fire on as many cylinders as possible so to speak. I therefore took a look at some of the WordPress themes and opted for Arras.

Feedback on my new blog design has been extremely positive. An unexpected side benefit is that my blog appears to be even more search engine friendly as I have observed a considerable uptick in the number of referrals the site is receiving from Google etc. This new traffic also appears to be more prepared to sign up for my RSS feeds as subscribers there have also jumped.

In short, my advice to fellow bloggers is to consider refreshing your blog every now and then. You could achieve unexpected benefits.

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