Liberty Mutual and their truly integrated ‘Responsibility’ campaign

Liberty Mutual and their truly integrated ‘Responsibility’ campaign

A good friend and colleague in the US asked me if I had come across the Liberty Mutual Insurance ads that first appeared about 2 years ago. Having kept tabs on my blog he thought I’d be interested in them as Liberty Mutual seem to ‘get it’. The ‘it’ I refer to is that digital marketing, while very effective on its own, can be used to leverage other media very effectively.

Essentially what Liberty Mutual were able to do is run an integrated campaign combining TV advertising with a supporting website to truly emotionally connect and engage with customers and prospects. The  concept behind the campaign is to explore ‘responsibility’ because:

“As an insurance company, we like responsible people. Because people who believe in doing the right thing don’t just make better people, they make better customers”.

What Liberty Mutual have gone on to do however is to explore what ‘responsibility’ means because as they highlight,

the idea of responsibility can be difficult to define. What does it mean? Why is it important? These aren’t questions that can be easily addressed or agreed upon. There are a lot of differing opinions and beliefs involved. And while we may never uncover any definitive answers, we believe the questions are still worth asking.

The site is firmly focused around supporting this and incorporates:

  • RSS feeds and email updates
  • Stories and films

What I particularly like is the fact that site visitors can leave comments and respond to regularly updated content. Indeed, many site visitors obviously make use of this as some of the blog posts have received well over 100 comments.

Clearly this is a site that has developed a following – partly because it contains:

  • A highly SEO friendly blog (so search is likely to drive a lot of traffic to it)
  • RSS feeds and email updates (to get people to come back to the site time and time again)
  • By posting new and topical content regularly, (remember that Susan Boyle article)
  • Positioning the site at the heart of all other marketing collateral – no doubt a key traffic driver.

I think other financial services marketers should take note of this obviously highly successful campaign. Despite being in the financial services vertical Liberty Mutual have managed to deploy some of the latest web concepts, blogging and social media (the collaboration element of the website) with a little innovative thinking. By focusing around a brand characteristic obviously very important to the company (and their ideal audience), Liberty Mutual have been able to take the moral high ground in a vertical still regarded with scepticism by the investing public given the recent virtual nationalisation of much of the international banking system. Although the site does not explicitly refer to any Liberty Mutual products, I am sure they have seen an uplift in sales as a result of this campaign.

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