Are you ready for the mobile web?

Are you ready for the mobile web?

I have a lot of time for Admob. Not only do they operate the world’s largest mobile device marketplace they actively pursue an agenda of engagement with prospective advertisers. This involves producing regular reports on mobile metrics and in particular, since the launch of the Apple iPhone and Google’s Android OS, their impact on the mobile landscape.

I found AdMob’s April 2009 report, released just last week of real interest for a couple of reasons:

  1. That mobile web usage on iPhone and Android devices is far greater than their relative market share while usage on the Symbian, RIM, and Windows Mobile devices lagged their relative market share.
  2. In April, 24% of US requests were over a WiFi network with two of the top WiFi devices not actually phones at all – Sony PSP and the iPod Touch.  The remaining three were iPhone, HTC Dream, and HTC Dash).

While the The iPhone had 8% market share of handset sales in 2008, it generated 43% share of mobile Web requests in April 2009 – an impressive statistic. Should the iPhone continue to gain market share, likely with the introduction of further handsets during the summer, the mobile web will continue its impressive rates of growth. The benefit, it will allow advertisers to engage with consumers on a one-to-one basis like never before – advertisers should therefore start paying attention to this segment now so that they can steal a march on the competition – are you ready?

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