New summertime media planning and buying strategies that you should consider

New summertime media planning and buying strategies that you should consider

I came across an article on Clickz looking at summertime media buying strategies that made me think of some of my past campaign planning strategies and experiences – and resultant successes. While Clickz correctly highlights that consumer patterns of usage may change as they enjoy longer daylight hours, and enjoy the sun and wamth, you should not forget that they still require insurance and investing advice regardless of the time of year.

From a B2B perspective in particular financial advisers do of course need to continue to work, even if they do take a vacation during the summer months. Its for these reasons that I don’t completely understand why many financial firms stop advertising during the summer months. In fact while Head of Internet for Investec Asset Management I considered this lack of activity an opportunity. Simply put, with fewer advertisers in the market, less demand for inventory, I found it possible to run campaigns targeting financial advisers more cost effectively than at any other time of year. Of course one of the other benefits was that with fewer advertisers Investec’s share of voice and ability to stand out was considerably higher.

The only concession I gave to the summer was that with some advisers onĀ  holiday at some point during July and August, I simply ran integrated campaigns combining email, digital display and search activity with dedicated Sales Team and microsite support over a 6 week cycle. This ensured that we were able to reach our entire audience at one time or another.

The result, through a combined sales and distribution effort, some of Investec’s best selling months were in fact during the summertime. In this depressed environment I recommend considering all possibilities. If budgets are limited don’t try spending it at the same time as everyone else. Take advantage of a time when there is less activity in the market, costs are lower and greater stand out can be achieved. It might just work!

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