Why aren’t more brands advertising on Facebook?

Why aren’t more brands advertising on Facebook?

I’ve been busy over the last couple weeks refining up my own internal I.T. infrastructure so that my own company Condor Digital Marketing Consultancy Limited could survive every eventuality. At the same time however I’ve aso been fortunate enough to pick up a couple of additional clients – something I’m quite happy about given the state of the supposed economy.

With one of these new clients I am actively running campaigns on social media sites such as Facebook. While it is too early to talk about results, for the life of me I don’t understand why more companies aren’t actively targeting consumers online via these sites. After all, Facebook has considerable:

  • Reach – 15,889,840 registered UK users over the age of 18.
  • Fantastic targeting options – campaigns can be targeted on the basis of multiple criteria including:
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Relationship status
    • Geography
    • Interests / hobbies
    • Level of education
    • Relationship status
    • Employer

The majority of this information (except maybe location) is derived from the users profile – i.e. from information people maintain themselves.

Given that the average time spent by users on social networking sites is considerable, (MySpace 29:38, Facebook 22:12 minutes) I don’t understand why more companies aren’t running campaigns on these sites. After all, companies would normally be prepared to pay a small fortune to achieve dwell times of this magnitude for their advertising.

I am sure that sites such as these are going to continue to grow in popularity, partly from an end users perspective,  but also from an advertisers perspectve when they finally realise what they are missig out on and what can be achieved really cost effectively by utilising these sites….

facebooktargetingoptions Why arent more brands advertising on Facebook?

The targeting options on Facebook

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