Gillette and their body shaving campaign – how to reach niche audiences online

Gillette and their body shaving campaign – how to reach niche audiences online

It was with some degree of hilarity that I came across the following video from Gillette. Now Gillette isn’t a brand I would normally consider on the cutting edge of brand or digital marketing but I have to say this video made me reconsider my opinion of them again.

The concept is incredibly simple – they simply present consumers with tips on shaving – in this instance how to shave your groin!

After the initial shock / hilarity of the video, I realised what complete genius this video is. This isn’t of course an area that could be advertised on mainstream TV but one that nonetheless needs covering (anyone who has had their appendix out will know what I am referring to).

The video of course indirectly encourages ‘new’ uses for Gillette products – much as Coke belatedly realised that dropping Mentos Mints into their soft drink was likely to result in higher soft-drink sales.

Gillette’s whole approach struck me as an excellent way of reaching out to distinct niche audiences with a video that is both humorous and educational. The fact that this video has now been viewed over 1m times shows the success of their approach. Without any substantive advertising support this video must be being forwarded from one person to the next and has simply gone viral.

They have also produced further videos in the series including:

The campaign was originally supported by a site that I was looking forward to viewing, Gillette Bodyshaving but at the time of writing it didn’t appear to be working.

One thing is certain, the next time I am walking through my local Kwikimart and I see shaving foam this advert is likely to spring back into my mind and make me smile. Gillette, consider your job done!

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