Apple – they clearly don’t just make Macs anymore

Apple – they clearly don’t just make Macs anymore

On the 9 January 2007 Apple Computers Inc. dropped the ‘Computers’ element of their company name so that henceforth they would be simply known as ‘Apple’. This change of name reflected the company’s ongoing expansion into the consumer electronics market in addition to its continuing focus on personal computers.

A little more than two years later and Apple’s Q2 2009 results reflect how incredibly successful they have been in the consumer electronics market, establishing some solid domination particularly in the smartphone market:

  • During the 2nd quarter 2009 they sold 5.2 million iPhones an increase year on year of 626%
  • This was close to the 4th quarter iPhone record sales number of 6.9 million handsets
  • iTouch sales were down, but this likely reflects people migrating to the ever improving iPhone

If Apple can continue to innovate the iPhone and iTouch I imagine that their position will be unassailable for some time to come. Evidence of this dominance can already be seen in the AdMob May 2009 Mobile Metrics Report that shows that 31.4% of all advertising requests on Smartphones globally were from Apple devices or 45.8% of requests in the US.

Given that Piper Jaffray now anticipate iPhone sales to equate to 45million units globally in 2009 – during a recession mind, this should hold Apple in excellent stead come the anticipate upturn in the economy. Financial Services marketers, if you aren’t already considering adding mobile marketing to your media arsenal, now might be a good time to consider doing so… at least before your peers all decide to do so.

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