Setting up an effective Facebook fan page for your business

Setting up an effective Facebook fan page for your business

With news from Hitwise that Facebook now accounts for 1 in 7 of all page impressions in the UK brands really should consider setting up their own fan pages on the site. This makes sense on a number or levels – at the very least it makes sense for your brand to be seen in a place that many of your customers are obviously spending so much of their time.

Of course, there remains a huge amount of cynicism around Facebook and its perceived teen userbase. The numbers below show however the age breakdown of Facebook in the UK as at 18 October 2009:

18 – 25 6.6 million registered users

26 – 35 5.7 million registered users

36 – 45 3.6 million registered users

Clearly the site is not just for ‘teens’.

Even if a brand isn’t interested in actively having a presence on Facebook a page should be setup purely from from an SEO perspective as this could help with the brands natural search engine rankings.

Items to include on a Facebook Fan page

This article from includes consderable detail on:

  • How to setup a brand Facebook fan page
  • What content you should look to incorporate
  • How the Facebook page could work with with other social media, Twitter etc
  • How to promote the page to your audience
  • How applications can be developed to interact and actually transact with your desired target audience

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