My iPad two months on – what conclusions can I draw for financial services marketers?

My iPad two months on – what conclusions can I draw for financial services marketers?

I’ve been living with my iPad for two months now and thought it time, now that I’m firmly through the novelty phase, to reflect on the impact it has had on my family and digital consumption habits.

Firstly, I’m glad to say that I haven’t at any point suffered from buyers remorse. While the iPad isn’t cheap, (I bought the $699 64gb non 3g version) its proved itself sufficiently of value through changing the way I can readily and easily share and consume information that it’s thoroughly been worth it. Since its purchase I’ve found myself watching podcasts – something I never really ever bothered with in the past. I’ve become avid watchers of gems like Macbreak Weekly and This Week in Tech, both produced by Leo Laporte of These two shows alone almost justify the expense of buying the iPad in the first place, partly because they are superb showcases for the kind of high quality entertaining content that can be produced online using digital video / audio at very little expense.

Although often two hours in length I have found myself riveted to all of the shows thus far – partly because Leo, as host is a joy to listen to but also because of the often humorous way that topics are dealt with by their guest panellists. I’ve already taken a slight leap and envisaged how this format could possibly be reproduced in the financial services space – a McGlaughlin Group of sorts commenting on recent industry and regulatory news in an interesting yet illuminating way – a project for someone perhaps?

Podcasts aside I’ve also found myself downloading all kinds of applications, some old iPhone favourites such as NetNewsWire, an RSS feed reader, updated to not only take advantage of the iPads larger screen but with added bells and whistles that allow me to share stories to Twitter, via email, or Instapaper for later review.

Of course in a league of their own are those applications that I’ve started using to help me consume other media. Of particular note are Yahoo! entertainment, IMDB and Zap2it apps, perfect for bringing a whole new level of richness to my TV watching. Yahoo! entertainment and Zap2it are the best personalised TV guides I’ve yet come across while IMDB is perfect for looking up movies or actors while watching them on the big screen. Movie and TV related are the apps for Netflix and the ABC player – perfect if you find yourself at a loose end if your not that interested in the episode of Desperate Housewives that my wife might be watching.

I’ve also realised, through watching how my 9 year old son interacts with my iPad, what a terrific gaming device it is. I think its fair to say that since we bought it (see how I say “we”), my son has spent as much time playing games on my iPad as on his Nintendo DSi.

Although everything has been “good” thus far, a little “bad” does sneak through occiassionally. I hate to say it but the lack of support for flash can on occasion be a bit of a pain – although as time goes on this might reflect on how slowly sites, and their management, move – particularly now that 2 million iPads have been sold – if those numbers aren’t justifcation alone to look at HTML 5 what is it going to take!

Bottom line, would I buy one again – yes I would. Not only for the novelty factor but because its proved extremely useful for consuming, sharing and experiencing media in a whole new way. It is likely therefore, and financial services marketers please take note, that I’m going to be spending far more time on my iPad than my laptop. It might be sensible therefore to investigate how to reach out and engage me via this device…..

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