About Steve Newman

Steve Newman is a freelance digital marketer and strategist with over 15 years of digital financial services experience. Steve was former Head of Internet for Investec Asset Management in London for 14 years, Business Development Director for Ptarmigan Media, ¬†and currently owns Condor Digital Marketing Consultancy Limited. Although based in Tulsa Oklahoma many of Steve’s clients are UK based and he frequently spends time in London.

Steve has considerable expertise in:

  • The provision of enterprise email solutions – campaign management, consultancy and best practice
  • Lead generation – particularly from a Closed Loop Marketing perspective
  • Analytics implementation and interpretation
  • Microsite provision – particularly event or promotional in nature
  • The provision of online events, conference calls and presentations
  • Search, both paid and natural
  • Campaign planning and buying

Steve’s particular forte is working with clients and helping them build a footprint in the B2B space, particularly through active communication with financial advisers – both in the UK, but also globally.

Steve has achieved notable success in implementing sales and distribution models which, with digital at their heart, have generated significant sales and revenue for businesses.

If you would like to find out more please contact Steve via:

email: stevepnewman0809@gmail.com